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Auto Recloser Control Unit

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Perfectly calibrated Auto Recloser Control Unit is manufactured by us for the national and international markets. We are reputable Exporter and Supplier of Auto Recloser Control Unit that comes with the facilities of both Automatic and Manual control, with indications for Breaker status as well as Breaker mal-operation. The Control Unit and Meter Units are provided in separate cabinets that are mechanically fastened together.

Operating Principle : A circuit breaker in which the tripping and reclosing functions are programmed and controlled automatically by an intelligent control unit is called as ‘AUTO RECLOSERT Auto Recloser can interrupt fault currents, and also programmed to reclose to restore the supply. The supply gets restored if the fault is of transient in nature. If the fault is of permanent type, the Auto Recloser tries to reclose the supply in two or three attempts (as set in the program) and finally goes to ‘lock out’ status, after which manual intervention is essential.

The control unit is facilitated with manual control switches for circuit breaker trip and close operations. The circuit breaker status is indicated through indicating lamps. The operation of the circuit breaker is monitored by control unit after extending the trip / re—closing. The lockout contact will operate if breaker is maloperated. The control unit has inbuilt trip counter which counts number of trips after installation. The count can be reset. The fault zone indicator is very useful only when several sectionalisers are used along the feeder. The zone numbers are based on time interval of closing the sectionaliser from the time of closing of auto recloser. The zone number will be displayed on the display. Zone number gives very useful information to locate the faulty section of the feeder quickly. Inbuilt power pack will generate sufficient DC power supply required to operate circuit breaker.

Lockout contact operates on these conditions :
  • On permanent fault
  • Very low voltage
  • Breaker mal-operation
  • Trip when unit is manual mode

Specialty :
  • Programmable operating and auto reclosing facility
  • Three phase over current and earth fault protection
  • Trivector meter to record energy and Load parameters
  • Selector switch for Ammeter and voltmeter
  • Under voltage blocking for breaker close
  • Trip counter
  • Fault zone indication
  • Cabinet suitable for different types of pole mounting
  • Independent trip sequence setting (IDMT / Def time)

Packaging Material :
  • Thermocol Box
  • Corrugated Box

Applications : Electrical Power for rural areas is supplied by llkV overhead lines. They are exposed to several faults like, lightning, heavy wind, fall of tree branches, fault created by animals / birds etc. When a fault occurs, the protection system trips the circuit breaker to prevent / minimize the damage. It is expected to locate the fault, clear and then restore the supply by reclosing the circuit breaker. It takes more time between power outage and restoration. More than 70% of the faults are observed to be temporary / transient in nature. Hence, power outage time can be reduced if the reclosing function is automated and carefully planned.

Technical Data :

Current rating (In) 1A
Aux. Supply 250V AC, 50 Hz


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